The Functionality of Merchant Loans

Merchants need money. Sure, one of the main purposes of the merchant business is to make money, and merchants do this by providing the goods and services that we all need and enjoy. But if you are a merchant, you know that a merchant business can not be started and continue to run successfully without money.

One merchant, the new owner of a recently-started clothing store, may need money to avoid going out of business, while another, the 14-year owner of a prosperous Italian restaurant, may need money to expand his/her business. Though these are two owners of totally different merchant businesses in completely different stages of business ownership, the accessibility of business funds would solve both of their business problems.

Merchant loans are loans that are meant to be utilized by merchants for any of their business needs, making merchant loans a very functional method of business financing.

What Are Some Acceptable Uses of Merchant Loans?

One of the many reasons why merchant loans are so great for merchants is the fact that there are no restrictions on how they can be used. If you’ve pursued any other types of business financing, you are fully aware that lenders want to know how you plan to use their money. Banks, credit unions, and investors alike, want to make sure that their money is being put to what they feel is good use, because in the end, they want to get their money back, and if they are investing, they want to see a profit for themselves.

But when it comes to merchant loans, lenders use your business’s sales history as an indicator of whether or not your business can support the repayment of a merchant loan. And most lenders agree that a business that processes at least $2,500 per month in credit card sales is capable of repaying a merchant loan of $5,000 under the merchant loan repayment process.

Merchant loans can be used to purchase inventory, upgrade equipment, increase advertisement, fund promotions, expand a business, or keep a business on its feet. But these are only a few of the endless possible uses of a merchant loan.

What Types of Merchants Can Use Merchant Loans?

Any merchant that operates a business that has processed a minimum of $2,500 per month for the past four months can use a merchant loan.

There are various types of merchants; convenience store owners, clothing store owners, automotive service providers and beauty service providers to name a few. If they accept credit cards, all of these merchants can use merchant loans, because the repayment is deducted as a small percentage of the business’s credit card purchases.